Swipe Video


  1. Just Dance 3:02
  2. Fixated 3:13
  3. Let You Go 3:21
  4. I Knew Betta 2:51



Its members include Devin, Jay, Gama, Mike and Randy.

This talented collection of good natured personalities are also expert dancers and songwriters.  They pride themselves on their fit bodies and work out on a regular basis both on their own and together at the gym, while maintaining a strict healthy diet.

Their original songs vary from R&B to Hip Hop, Dance and even cover the Spanish market incorporating Spanish lyrics in some of their original songs as well and singing some songs strictly in Spanish.

Echo V is the most exciting and versatile group on the music scene today.  Destined for stardom, they offer everything the music industry is seeking to fill the slot of the next successful boy band.